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Jill Jumpsuit

  • Brand: Scorla
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The Jill Jumpsuit combines simplicity and style, charm and nostaglia. Designed with adjustable strap length for extra comfort, two side buttons at each side for an easy wear and two pockets.

  • Hand-cut and hand-sewn by skilled tailors
  • Ethically made



100% cotton linen

Wash in cold water to avoid shrinkage and fading.

For dark and vibrant colours, please wash separately for the first 2-3 wash. 

Use a mild detergent (a product designed for baby clothes) and if you are a washing machine, choose a gentle machine cycle.

Do not mix with heavy material such as denim or jackets.

As much as possible, please avoid machine tumble dry.

Should there be wrinkles, spray the fabric with water then iron with medium to high heat. For dark and vibrant colours, iron from inside of the garment.

Good for your child
Increasingly, newborn babies and small kids are unable to wear conventional clothes due to a hypersensitivity and eczema skin condition. Conventional clothing uses synthetic fibre content or heavy pesticide treated cotton blend that leads to a moisture build up due to poor airflow qualities, which creates an environment for bacteria and microbes to breed and grow. Linen is known for it's amazing airflow qualities and breathability, allowing air to flow and moisture to be released very fast, reducing discomfort of allergies. 

Good for the environment
Linen is made from the stalks of flax plants that can grow in poor soils requiring very little fertilizer. The linen production process has been found to be significantly less water intensive than that for cotton, giving it a lower water footprint. Almost all of the flax plant can be used, and with the demand for flax seeds and oils increasing in the health food industry, there is very little to no wastage of the plants. Being a natural fibre, it's biodegradable.