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Touch And Explore Series

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Touch and Explore Series is a multisensory journey for children who want to do more than just listen! A bestseller in their original French editions, these are well-crafted interactive titles that encourage hands-on engagement, learning and knowledge retention.

• A wonderful treat for visual learners and pre-readers - kids can discover the facts, feel, and functions of over two dozen animals
• Bright illustrations encourage kids to immerse themselves in a fascinating habitat
• Sturdy board book design is just the right size for small hands

Touch and Explore: Safari

So much to discover on this safari adventure: Young readers can touch a lion's mane, a giraffe's fur, and a crocodile's scales! It's a safari that's just a touch away.

Touch and Explore: Dinosaurs

Big teeth, bony plates, long spikes, and even feathers—let's step back in time: Young readers can touch bumpy skin, soft feathers, rough bones and more! It's a trip to the time of dinosaurs that's just a touch away.

Touch and Explore: Ocean

Scales, tails, flippers, and fins—let's dive into the ocean: Young readers can touch shiny scales and bumpy barnacles, turn a flap to find a clownfish hiding among an anemone, touch a shark's sandpapery skin, and discover who can squirt ink and change color! It's a trip to an underwater world that's just a touch away.

Touch and Explore: Construction

As you move through each page, young readers can touch the bumpy roads, rough wood beams, and smooth concrete!
A splashy treat for visual learners and pre-readers, kids can discover the facts, feel, and functions of construction site vehicles and workers. There are bright illustrations encourage kids to learn about the immersive world of construction and a sturdy board book design is just the right size for small hands.


I bought this after buying a cheaper, disappointing touch-and-feel ocean book with textured areas too small to even feel. This one is perfect! Every page has a large textured area to feel and some also have flaps to lift. Even the cover is textured. I’d recommend this to anyone with young kids!

-Amazon Customer 

This book is adorable! I was actually surprised how informative it is. My little guy is only 7 months right now, but I can't wait until he can start to understand what's going on in these pages. I primarily bought this for the touch and feel aspect, but am so happy with how this book will age with him. He likes touching the smooth whale and the slipper dolphin. The sandpaper shark is also fun. So far, all of the pages have stood up to him dropping it and drooling on it.

-Amazon Customer

Beyond the entertainment elements of SAFARI there are plenty of educational opportunities for you to share. With very young children you can use this book to name animals, colors, patterns, and objects. Children can touch the gray elephant's hide, for example, and they can see a baby elephant following it's mother across the plain. The textures also provide opportunities to discuss adjectives such as smooth and fluffy.

With older children you can share the information on the animals design and habitat. The physical details are simple. The lions tail is described as "a long tail with a tuft of fur at the end". A gazelle though is shown wondering where his herd went, and what is that sound is. When you drop the flap you can see two lionesses stalking him in the grass.

-Amazon Customer